In this very important stage of the child's learning and development process, a series of factors must be taken into account that allow them to begin to generate a taste for play and movement.

Everything should revolve around participation, fun, socialization and, of course, learning and exploring movement and all its possibilities.

There must be basic rules of behavior and respect for others. The child must be allowed to play freely and spontaneously in a large and safe space.

Games with balls and other elements should always be fun and very varied.

The central times of the game should not be very long since due to their condition, attention and concentration are lost very quickly.

  • variability

  • coordination

  • balance

  • unregulated game

  • multielement

  • formation of values

  • seek to generate creativity and imagination.

  • basic pilomotor development

  • association tasks

  • space/time location tasks

  • challenge games

  • persecution games, among others