SUB 14-15

In this Essential stage of the development of the young soccer player and knowing that he has already had optimal pilomotor base development and a taste for the game and movement, from these years onwards a comprehensive and more specific process of all abilities and conditions must begin. that allow him to get closer to competitive football.

This is why all aspects directly related to their physical, technical, tactical and mental development must be trained and developed in a methodical, organized, directed and controlled manner with the aim that the player can achieve the proposed goals and objectives over time.

It is key to understand and seek to coherently develop all their talents and abilities, always taking into account the particular conditions in which each player finds themselves in this phase of their development and growth.


  • Test

  • Control

  • Throwing

  • Driving

  • Contact surfaces

  • Pitching

  • Others...


  • Defensive

  • Offensive

  • Transitions

  • Positioning

  • Collaboration

  • Others...


  • Test

  • Resistance

  • Strength

  • Speed

  • Coordination


  • Resilience

  • Control

  • Tolerance

  • Balance

  • Others...


  • Respect

  • Collaboration

  • Team Work

  • Others...


  • Follow up

  • Especial